Your name is KARKAT VANTAS. You are a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD who used to be a mental patient at the ALTERNIA HOSPITAL. You suffer from INTERMITTENT EXPLOSIVE DISORDER, and you HALLUCINATE JUST A LITTLE BIT, but you blame it on the medication you swear you don't need.
You now live with your adoptive father and best bro, GAMZEE MAKARA.

((A little something based on an AU I mused, which you can see here.))

((am i allowed to point out every flaw with my art

also my phone’s camera sucks when you don’t have good lighting

by that i mean the fucking sun))

DATE: Jan 12 2012

TAGGED: also vvriska got off right when i finished this. look. nosebleeds. so. vvriska. art. shitty art.
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